Nexus is defined as a connection — or series of connections — linking two or more things. 
As chiropractors, we look to help persons achieve homeostasis by directly influencing the central nervous system with each adjustment. The brain and spinal cord comprise the central nervous system which controls every aspect of the human body. The Nexus of healing occurs by restoring proper central nervous system function to the rest of the body through specific spinal adjustments. 
Our mission of replacing medical drug intervention for the treatment of pain with chiropractic care has never been more relevant.
In order to best serve our community, we focus on an individualized, patient-centered approach to healthcare. Our primary element to health is creating a better functioning nervous system by chiropractic adjustments, whole food nutrition, and lifestyle modifications. 
In the first phase of care, we try to alleviate our patients’ pain as quickly as possible. This is in part by our doctors performing daily examinations to determine the status of our patients, and ONLY adjusting spinal segments that are out of alignment, which may change on a visit-to-visit basis. 
In the process of adjusting, chiropractors may incorporate other modalities as needed. We supplement our adjustments with scar tissue treatments for degeneration, Kinesio taping for acute and chronic conditions, and other drug-free methods to help alleviate our patients’ pain as fast as possible.
We also address the nutritional status of a patient and explore ways to get the quality sleep once again. Sleep is designed for the body to autoregulate and heal itself. As we continue to age, we tend to see a decline in the quality of sleep patterns. This is directly proportionate to the level of pain and stress that accompanies the body. Specific nutrition supplements will help drive cellular equations in the body that lead to a calmer, more peaceful, and restful night’s sleep. 
When patients graduate into the second phase of care, they have the decision to continue moving forward with their healing journey. Just as your teeth need continued maintenance cleaning, so does a healthy functioning spine in pain-free individuals. The education process to fully understand your body is a priority for most chiropractors.
Our Nexus office was designed for an active community with a relaxed vibe. The design team created a comfortable lounge area when first entering the office for patients and their families to relax before the doctors can see them. There is cold water or hot tea available, with informational videos being played on the television. To the right, is a rehabilitation area to perform the specific exercises that the doctors prescribed pre or post adjustment. 
At the end of the day, Nexus Chiropractic desires to be relevant in our community by providing our patients with a road map for the decisions they are making regarding their health. 
Our underlying mission is to stop the epidemic in America of medical drug intervention for the treatment of pain by means of chiropractic, whole food nutrition, and lifestyle interventions. And a big portion of that mission is educating patients. The decisions made now will affect them five days, five years, and even 50 years into the future.
The world we live in is one of immediate gratification and is in part the reason why America – with only 5-percent of the world’s population — is taking over 75-percent of the world’s drugs. And the growing population currently being prescribed medicine in America is OUR children!
Please continue the journey with us online and follow for more relevant information regarding your health and the health of your family.
Yours In Good Health:
Dr. Jordon D. VanderVeen